How to Invite Foreign Family to Japan

Invite your Spouse or Children

You may invite your spouse (legally married husband and wife) and unmarried children to Japan, if you are a holder of the Working Visa or Non-working Visa (except for Diplomat, Official, Technical Intern Training, Temporary Visitor, and Trainee).


Application for Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to obtain “Dependent” Visa

For more information, click here “procedure for Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

Minimum requirements for Dependent Visa

The Applicant must explain the below requirements with supporting documents;

  • Financial capacity which you can meet living expenses for your spouse and children (Employment letter indicating your salary, pay slips, bank letters indicating account balance etc)
  • Your spouse or children are currently supported by you
  • Your spouse and children must NOT be financially independent


  • Under the Japanese immigration law, there is no age limit for dependent children, but the application process can be more difficult as your children get older. This is because the immigration might assume they would engage in the paid work, which is not permitted under the dependent Visa without part time work permit from the immigration office.
  • If you are a holder of “Student” Visa or “Cultural activities” Visa, your financial capacity will be well examined by the immigration bureau. In general, you need to show the evidence of financial capacity over 12 months’ living cost. (Bank letters indicating account balance, scholarship etc

Invite Foreign Parents

Under Japanese immigration law, there are no Visa which accepts parents of foreign nationals staying in Japan except “Temporary Visitor” Visa. “Dependent” Visa only accepts spouses or children of foreign nationals. If you would like to invite and live with your foreign parents, you need to follow the below procedure.

“Highly Skilled Foreign Professional” Visa holders can invite parents under certain requirements;

  • The parent will take care of a child younger than 7 years old or a pregnant.
  • The parent must live with the Highly Skilled Foreign Professional Visa holder.
  • The Highly Professional Visa holder must have an annual income of at least 8 million yen. 


  1. Application for “Temporary Visitor” Visa (At the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in home country)
  2. Visiting Japan
  3. Change the Status to “Designated Activity” Visa (At the Immigration bureau in Japan)

The immigration bureau may accept only when they find “Humanitarian Reasons” for inviting the parents. Therefore, applicants prepare well enough to explain the below conditions.

Minimum requirements for inviting parents

The Applicant must explain the below conditions with supporting documents;

  • Parents over 65-70 years old
  • Parents have no family or relatives in their country
  • Supporter (The person who invites the parents) have enough salary and saving to take care of their parents
  • Any other reason why the Supporter need to take care of his/her parents (Sickness or any other health problems etc)