3 Tips for choosing the right immigration lawyer in Japan

We recommend that you find an immigration lawyer if your immigration case is complicated or if you simply do not have time. Here is how to find the right immigration lawyer for your successful stay in Japan.

1. Interview potential immigration lawyers

It is recommended to have a consultation with each immigration lawyer who you are considering. Please ask them if they have any experience with your type of case. This can allow you to determine if the immigration lawyer can understand your situation and specialized in your case. Also, make sure there isn’t language and cultural barrier. Please make use of our free consultation.

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2. Compare Service and Fee

Some immigration lawyers fill in an application form only, while others handle whole application process like us. Prices may vary depending on their service, and ask if there might be additional costs such as postage, courier fees or long distance charges. You can search the average fee from Gyoseishoshi Lawyer fee (in Japanese only)

3. Find out if the immigration lawyer is authorized

When you have found an immigration lawyer who you feel comfortable with, make sure to check if your lawyer is authorized and never been subject to disciplinary action.

There are several legal specialists in Japan, but only Gyoseishoshi lawyers (Gyoseishoshi) and attorneys (Bengoshi) who are authorized by Immigration bureau can proceed Visa application on behalf of the applicant. Authorized Gyoseishoshi lawyers and attorneys may submit Visa application, deal with and respond to Immigration Bureau, and receive Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or Zairyu Card (Residence Card) from Immigration Bureau.

You may be able to research online from the following websites (in Japanese only);

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