List of Status of Residence (Visa)

There are 28 categories (34 types) of Status of Residence (Visa) in Japan, which can be classified into 4 groups;

1. Working Visa (18 categories)

Foreigners having one of the Working Visa can engage in the authorized activities below. If you want to engage in an activity other than what is specified on your Visa, you need to obtain permission for other activity from the Immigration office in Japan.

Status of Residence (Visa)Authorized activities
Business ManagerOperating international trade or some other business in Japan, or managing such business.
Highly Skilled Professional(a)     Advanced academic research activities (working in research, research guidance or education)

(b)    Advanced specialized/technical activities (working in work requiring specialized knowledge or skills in the field of natural sciences or humanities)

(c)     Advanced business management (working in the operation or management of international trade or other business in Japan)

*Points are given based on academic background, professional career, salary etc. Those who receive a certain number of points (70 points or more) are qualified to apply.

Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International ServicesWorking in the field of natural science (physical science, engineering etc) or human science (law, economics, sociology etc), or working in services which require specific ways of thinking or sensitivity acquired through experience with foreign culture. (Engineer, translator, interpreter, designer, language teacher, marketing specialist, international trade salesperson etc.)
Skilled LaborWorking in services which require industrial techniques or skills in special fields. (Chef of foreign cuisine, sports instructor, aircraft pilot, craftsman of precious metals etc.) 
Intra-company TransfereeSame activities as Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/ International Services. (Expats transferred from a foreign company to that company’s office in Japan.) 
ResearcherResearch activities based on a contract with a public or private organization in Japan.
ProfessorActivities for research, guidance of research or education at a university or an equivalent institution.
InstructorActivities for language instruction or other education at an elementary school, junior high school, senior high school etc.
Religious ActivitiesReligious activities conducted by foreign religious workers dispatched from a foreign religious organization.
JournalistNews coverage and other journalistic activities based on a contract with a foreign journalistic organization.
ArtistArtistic activities that produce income, including music, the fine arts, literature etc.
EntertainerActivities for theatrical performances, musical performances, sports or any other form of show business.
Legal / Accounting ServicesActivities for legal or accounting business conducted by registered foreign lawyers, certified public accountants or other legal or accounting specialists with Japanese qualifications.
Medical ServicesActivities for medical treatment services conducted by physicians, dentists or other medical specialists with Japanese qualifications.
Nursing CareActivities for nursing care conducted by a certified care worker.
DiplomatActivities on the part of personnel of diplomatic missions, the embassies and consular offices and their families.
OfficialActivities on the part of personnel of government or international organizations and their families.
Technical Intern TrainingActivities conducted by a technical intern trainee to acquire and develop skill, technology and knowledge at a public or private organization in Japan.


2. Non-working Visa (5 categories)
Foreign nationals having one of the Non-working Visa are not allowed to work nor receive remuneration or salary. Holders of “Student” and “Dependent” Visa may apply for permission to work for a limited time to the Immigration office in Japan. 

(Click “Part time work permit for Student and Dependent” for more information)

Status of Residence (Visa)Authorized activities
Temporary VisitorSightseeing, recreation, sports, visiting relatives, inspection tours, participating in lectures or meetings, business contract or other similar activities during a short stay in Japan.
DependentActivities on the part of spouses or children supported by the foreign national staying in Japan with the Working Visa or Non-working Visa (except for Technical Intern Training, Temporary Visitor and Trainee).
StudentActivities to study at a university, vocational school, high school, junior high school, elementary school or equivalent institution (including Japanese language school).
Cultural ActivitiesAcademic or artistic activities that provide no income, or activities for learning and acquiring Japanese culture or arts.
TraineeActivities to acquire skills at a public or private organization in Japan.


3. Family related Visa (4 categories)

Foreigners having one of the Family related Visa can engage in any type of activities in Japan. They can work in any field or industry, change jobs, and engage in more than one activity.

Status of Residence (Visa)Personal Status or Position
Permanent ResidentThose who are permitted permanent residence by the Ministry of Justice.
Spouse or Child of Japanese NationalSpouses or children of Japanese nationals
Spouse or Child of  Permanent ResidentSpouses or children of Permanent Resident
Long-Term ResidentThose who are authorized to reside in Japan in consideration of special circumstances. (Refugees, descendants of Japanese nationals, those who were divorced from Japanese nationals etc)

4. Designated Activities

Holders of “Designated Activities” Visa may or may not work depending on each individual case.

Status of Residence (Visa)Authorized activities
Designated ActivitiesActivities designated by the Minister of Justice for foreign individuals. (Housekeepers for diplomats, working holiday, students on internship etc.)

Latest update: November 2, 2017

Reference:All list of Status of Residence (Ministry of Justice, Japan)