Extension of Period of Stay

If you wish to extend or renew your Visa (Status of Residence), you need to apply for “Extension of Period of Stay” before the date of expiration. Please make sure not to miss your application, as No notice to extend or renew will be sent to you.

When to submit?

Up until the Visa expiration date. (Application starts 3 months before the Visa expiration date if the period of stay is 6 months or longer.) 

*Considering Visa processing time, it is highly recommended to apply well in advance.

Where to submit?

The regional immigration office (Ministry of Justice, Japan) in charge of the applicant’s address

Who can submit?

  • Applicant
  • Legal representative
  • Relative or person living together with the applicant (in cases where the applicant is under 16-year-old or suffers from an illness etc.)
  • Certified Japanese attorney or Immigration lawyer like us etc.

Necessary Documents

     *There could be other necessary documents depending on each individual case.

Visa Processing Time

2 weeks – 3 months

Fee for Extending the period of stay

4,000 yen (If you appoint a lawyer to Visa application, you need to pay the additional fee)