Change of Status of Residence (Visa)

If you wish to change the activity specified on your current Visa (Status of Residence) to an activity authorized in another Visa (Status of Residence), you need to apply for “Change of Status of Residence”.

Permission for “Change of Status of Residence” will be granted only when the Ministry of Justice finds there are reasonable grounds to allow. Therefore, the applicant must check and meet the requirements for new Visa and confirm in advance whether the change will be accepted or not. In addition, change from “Temporary Visitor” Visa to another type of Visa will be not be accepted unless the Certificate of Eligibility is issued within the validity of your temporary Visa or the Ministry of Justice finds there are other special unavoidable circumstances.

For example, you need to change your Visa (Status of Residence) in the following cases;


Where to submit?

The regional immigration office (Ministry of Justice, Japan) in charge of the applicant’s address

Who can submit?

  • Applicant
  • Legal representative
  • Relative or person living together with the applicant (in cases where the applicant is under 16-year-old or suffers from an illness etc.)
  • Certified Japanese attorney or Immigration lawyer like us etc.

Necessary Documents

When to submit?

From any changes in the applicant’s Visa up until the Visa validity date

Visa Processing Time

1 – 3 months

Fee for Change of Status of Residence

4,000 yen (If you appoint a lawyer to Visa application, you need to pay the additional fee)